Bloomberg taps Oprah Winfrey as his vice presidential running mate for the 2020 election.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made his decision on his running mate for the 2020 presidential election. For his vice president he has chosen Oprah Winfrey, the talk show host and philanthropist. In 2016 Bloomberg flirted with the idea of Oprah Winfrey as his secretary of commerce, this time deciding to make the leap and add her name to the ballot.

Bloomberg has a history of sexist and racist comments, and hopes that selecting the most powerful black woman in America will rectify this. Winfrey, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama for her efforts during the 2008 election, has decided she is ready to help get Bloomberg to the White House.

Despite his patterns of sexual harassment and discrimination against minorities, Winfrey and Bloomberg get along quite well and have become good friends. Winfrey’s work with the Time’s Up movement and her Leadership Academy for Girls will help balance Bloomberg’s past controversies.

Bloomberg is a late addition to the poll and is hoping this move will produce a frenzy of online memes and thus boost his polling numbers.

American Artist Takes Japanese Kaiju To New Heights!

World famous, controversial artist, Ron English, takes the Japanese art of Kaiju to new extremes in his upcoming exhibit in China. Kaiju, or “strange beasts”, originates from the Japanese film genre that focuses on giant monsters attacking cities and militaries.

The exhibit opens Friday, June 21st from 7pm to 10pm at Pop Life Art Space, located Tower 1/ No. 4080 Qiaoxiang Road. Shenzhen, China. 

Mexico Agrees to Pay for Border “Welcome Wall”

A thousand artists are queued up to build the Welcome Wall, an art installation wall running the length of the US/Mexico border. The first section of the Wall was unveiled today in Mission, Texas, at the National Butterfly Center, painted by eight artists, including organizer/creator and world-renowned artist Ron English, a New York-based Texas native.

“The wall is being built NOW, but not by Trump, and Mexico is paying for it, not American taxpayers. And it really is beautiful. It’s environmentally neutral, and we hope it becomes a global tourist attraction and national treasure. Our wall is a welcome, not a rebuff. Our wall has doors and climbing rocks!”

The first section of the Welcome Wall was funded by an indiegogo campaign. Subsequent sections will be funded by the Mexican government, which has also agreed to provide contractor and construction support for the art installation to run from Texas to California along the US/Mexico border.


Jay-Z addresses Beyoncé infidelity rumours on new album 4:44

After Jay-Z’s wife Beyoncé Knowles aired details of his rumoured infidelity on her album Lemonade, the US rapper has now addressed the scandal on his new album, 4:44. Released today on the Tidal streaming service that he part owns, various lyrics refer to the trials the couple have experienced.

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Trump: Obama didn’t ‘choke,’ he ‘colluded or obstructed’

President Trump on Monday said President Obama took no action against Russia for its actions in the 2016 election because he expected Hillary Clinton to win.

Trump concluded that Obama had not “choked” in taking no action against Russia, as a senior administration official told The Washington Post. Instead, Trump said Obama had “colluded” or “obstructed.”

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BET Awards: Solange does not thank sister Beyonce

What happened to sisterly love?

Solange Knowles seemingly forgot to thank her big sister Beyonce as she took home the Centric Award at Sunday night’s BET Awards.

Solange listed a long roster of fellow female artists that inspired her over the years as well as a generic shout out to “my family” but left out Beyonce. She also thanked her husband and son.

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‘Grotesque actions’ in Penn State fraternity hazing death

The lawyer for the family of a student who died after falling down stairs during a fraternity initiation has called the group’s actions “grotesque”.

Timothy Piazza, 19, died in February after he became drunk during a “pledge” event for a fraternity, which is a social club for male students.

Mr Piazza, who was left unconscious for hours, suffered internal injuries before he died in hospital.

Prosecutors charged 18 students at Penn State University over his death.

The charges came after months of a grand jury investigation, which included video from surveillance cameras, testimony and phone records from Mr Piazza’s final hours inside the fraternity house.

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NASA Receives Proposals for Future Solar System Mission

NASA has received and is reviewing 12 proposals for future unmanned solar system exploration. The proposed missions of discovery – submitted under NASA’s New Frontiers program – will undergo scientific and technical review over the next seven months. The goal is to select a mission for flight in about two years, with launch in the mid-2020s.

“New Frontiers is about answering the biggest questions in our solar system today, building on previous missions to continue to push the frontiers of exploration,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington.

“We’re looking forward to reviewing these exciting investigations and moving forward with our next bold mission of discovery.”

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Mark Green withdraws as Trump’s Army secretary nominee, citing ‘false and misleading attacks’

The Trump administration’s second Army secretary nominee withdrew from consideration Friday amid mounting opposition to past comments he made about Islam, evolution and gender issues.

Mark E. Green, a firebrand Republican state senator in Tennessee and veteran of the Iraq War, said there can be no distractions in overseeing the military and blamed “false and misleading attacks against him” in a statement provided to the media. The Pentagon and the White House had no immediate reaction to his announcement, but it came hours after a Defense Department spokesman declined during a meeting with journalists to say whether Defense Secretary Jim Mattis still supported him for the job.

Green pulled out after a month of calls for the Trump administration to choose someone else. Advocacy groups for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people immediately launched an effort on Capitol Hill to block his nomination after it was announced April 7, saying his history of antagonism toward them made him an unacceptable choice.

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