John Lewis Leads the Charge Against Donald Trump as U.S. Marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The feud between President-elect Donald Trump and civil rights icon John Lewis took on added meaning Monday, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, with Trump in his Manhattan apartment building and Lewis leading an event honoring King.

Trump used Twitter to mark the holiday, calling on people to “Celebrate Martin Luther King Day and all of the many wonderful things that he stood for.” Trump also will meet privately with King’s son, Martin Luther King 3rd, spokesman Sean Spicer said. He had no public events planned.

Lewis, meanwhile, is set to be the keynote speaker at a King scholarship breakfast in Miami. The legendary Freedom Rider and top organizer of the 1963 March on Washington seems intent on making Trump his new fight.


Photo Info: John Lewis, far right, with the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, James Foreman, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesse Douglas during a march to the courthouse in Montgomery, Alabama, on March 17, 1965. AP

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